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Digital marketing as popular as it is, is still not understood by many, its difficult going from the basic definition of marketing which is “buying and selling”, to knowing what is digital marketing, it tends to make us ask, is it “digital buying and selling”

Well let’s see what wiki defined it as:

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium”.

Simply put, its digital publishing of goods, services and ideas.

Digital marketing is using of digital media to publicize your goods or services, it was brought not to eliminate modern or traditional marketing but to support modern marketing, don’t be deceived traditional marketing still works. Digital marketing has been the medium many businesses or brands are using to build their customer fan base, it is important for every business, i repeat it is important for every business. The number of mobile phone users in 2018 is 5.135 billion, it is rising up to 4 percent every year?



Now that we are aware of what digital marketing let’s look at why we should not neglect digital marketing, everybody has something to offer, a girl dressing and applying all kind of makeup is she trying to market her beauty (mind you, i said “market” not “sell”, so don’t go thinking all negative on me), a boy trying to show off with expensive things is trying to market his value, so do businesses and brands showcase their product in a way and manner that will induce buying from customers

4 Reasons you need to know

  • It takes your service offering global

Don’t mind the strange words “service offerings” it simply mean what you want to sell or showcase to your consumers. Now let me tell you something, do you know you can reach more than 8 million people while staying in your room (God bless the internet) that’s what digital marketing can do for you, it connects you globally to the world. Research has shown that over 50 billion people are using the internet, amazing right?

So think, you can reach if not all but at least 25% of 50 billion people (don’t count, trust me it’s much) while staying on your bed. So if you want to move from bring local to global you need digital marketing


Imagine trying to publicize your product before, you have to pay for a small space in the newspaper or employ a lot of salesperson, with you spending much on logistics to increase awareness of your product and ultimately sales, but with the advancement of digital marketing you can reach a lot of people

And you know the best part?

you can reach them for FREE or with little amount of money (that’s if you know what you are doing) through social media platform like Facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, am sure you know the rest and if you still want to take it further for your business you can also take advantage of what we call PPC (PAY PER CLICK) which is also called Adwords, this are digital ads that are carried out online by different platforms like Google ads, Facebook and instagram ads, twitter ads, you tube ads etc and like traditional advertising you have to pay for space, but the best part is it is incredibly cheap.

For example in the traditional advertising, when placing your advert copy on newspaper, you pay a certain amount of money and it is published in your space, but most time not everybody will see it and even patronize your product but when you publish ads online you pay for every click you get to purchase your product, that means it is only when people show interest in your product that’s when you pay money, and the most best part is (yes i said most best) you can pay as little as 0.50 dollars for every click, that’s barely 300 naira. So trust me when i say it is very cheap.

Disclaimer: advertising online takes expertise, as easy as it is, a lot of persons has as lost a lot of money because there lack the expertise on hoe to go about it, so be cautious and don’t just jump into it, if possible hire a digital marketing expert

  • Thirdly it increases trust on what you offer

Research has shown that “57% of people who will indicate interest on your product or service has first done research on your product or service online”,

Simply put “Everybody ask Google”. Ranging from your local to your global consumers

So if you are not online then people cannot vouch for the integrity or trustworthiness of your business. So go online, get found and get trusted

And lastly here is a bonus reason

  • Your competitors are already doing it

Yes you heard right, your competitors are already doing it, either local or global competitors.

First thing a good business manager should do is to carry out competitors analysis on his/her industry, to find out what the competitors are doing that is making them do better than you (especially the market leaders in that industry), then you try to “follow the trend” and get to par with them, so if your competitors are already doing it and it is working for them then you better get into it.

Of course we cannot talk  about the importance of being online, without talking about having your own virtual space on the internet, that is having a website. A website increases your potential consumers trust and it promotes you globally as an international brand. We cannot underestimate the important of a website. Click to be on the winning side with your own website. 


So, digital marketing is about utilizing digital technology to achieve marketing objectives. There is a need for a company to utilize the opportunities that are opened up in the digital world. Digital marketing requires a certain skill set to utilize the digital technology effectively, and i know setting up a digital marketing department in your company might be too big for your budget, but that’s not the end of the world, because we have many digital marketing firms, that can meet up your digital marketing goals at low price that wont crumble your financial plan, so start utilizing digital marketing now, and if you play your game right you wont regret it

I hope this articles was helpful to you and i hope by now your perception has change to why you need to be online as an individual and as a business, if you have any question or inquiries or you need help going online then ask us in the comment box below, and we will be sure to reply you as soon as possible, we are always happy to help.

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