As a business or brand that wants to grow and succeed in the global space, being online is very paramount, there are many ways to be online, but using the right platform and techniques that is valuable to your industry will increase your online presence. This article will show basic and simple ways of going online as a business. Let’s look at 5 Simple but strategic ways of being online, let’s begin shall we?


Having a Facebook page is very easy to open, you just need to have a Facebook account, and you can open as many Facebook pages as you want, you can open for different category for your product, your different business (if you are into more than 1 businesses) and you can open a Facebook page for free. Opening a Facebook page gives you access to all your potential and current customers that are currently active on Facebook, and also allow you to advertise to millions of people on Facebook through Facebook ads, which when done properly can reach thousands of people with little cost, so as a business owner or marketer, you can increase your leads and prospects for your business with little marketing expenses, the set up process for Facebook ads simple but yet complex, because a lot of people have lost thousands of dollar just because they misunderstood the set up process of Facebook ads, but we can help you create an optimized Facebook ads. Facebook page can be used to build a community or fan base for your business which can be done by creating a Facebook group within your Facebook page.

Facebook page can also be used for analytics, and it provides one of the best analytical information amongst all social media platforms, it gives your business/company insight on the demographics of your consumers and their behavior when interacting with your page, and a whole lot of things that when utilized, can boost your business performance and another key point is that people can purchase your product or services through your Facebook page

KKaydigital facebook page

Facebook has optimized their Pages to carter for the need for all kind of business, so utilize it.

2. Create an Instagram page

In case you don’t know, Facebook are the owners of Instagram, so you might see some similarity between the two, but it all depend on your audience.

People on Instagram are seen to be more sophisticated than those in Facebook, but most time same people in Facebook are also found on Instagram

Just like Facebook page, Instagram pages can be created if you have an Instagram profile

Tip: link your Instagram Page to your Facebook page, so it good to create your Facebook page first before going to create your Instagram page, it’s much more efficient

A lot of people prefer Instagram to Facebook, so it gives you the opportunity to reach different set of people

A major advantage with both Facebook and Instagram is that Facebook ads can be seen in Instagram, “so it’s using one stone to kill two bird”

3. Thirdly create a LinkedIn page

LinkedIn is more detailed than Facebook or Instagram pages especially for a business enterprise, it gives you an opportunity to really open up your business in a global view, so if you don’t have just go to LinkedIn.com to create your profile and get your business page set up.

4. Get your business inGoogle my business

Have you gone to a new environment or a maybe you are looking for a place you are not aware of and you go on to Google to search for it

Searches like *places near me*are now the newest trend of search among onliners especially when searching through a local business inventory

Those first lists of businesses that pops up with description of the business and the direction on how to get there are businesses on Google my business.

Google my business is a local search page that Google to help local businesses to be seen on the internet, it is totally free

google my business page

Let me show you how it works,      

When someone searches for an electrical shop in Port Harcourt, Google shows all the electrical shops in Port Harcourt registered in Google my business for people to see

So Google is giving local businesses an opportunity to be found online (and the best part is that, you are found on the first page of the search result) 

Another major advantage on using Google my business is that it gives you a one page website to start with, with recent upgrading, Google now provide website for business who cannot afford to get one,

But the website Google my business provides has a lot of restrictions like the url (Uniform Resource Locator) of your website is given as “your name”.business.site

5. Lastly get a website for your business

Your website is your virtual shop space, “it’s where people see you, without them actually seeing you”

With your own website you can control what people see about you, your website offer 24/7 services to your customers even when you are not around. it is important for any business to have a website, it show the seriousness of a business with a website, you can open your business to a lot of potential customers, who can purchase your product through your website without having to visit your brick and mortal shop, you can solve a lot of enquires by placing a FAQ permanently in your website especially if you have a complex product that get a lot of questions.


These process might look simple but it has been utilized by many businesses and used to gain millions of Dollars, most time you don.t need to worry yourself with complicated methods. If you can work well with these methods it can increase your business performance 200%.

remember these steps are just the basic way a local store can go digital, i call it the foundation of going digital after you have done those step you have to fully get in depth of what those platform can do, by understanding the social media world and how to utilize it as a business owner, how to get leads for your business and also convert those leads to clients and ultimately to regular customers.

but we understand well that some business owners and even marketing managers in some firms dont have the time to be mixing up their work and learning the versatile world of digital marketing, but worry not that’s why kkaydigital is here, we are set up to help businesses both local and international utilize the digital space to get company growth and increase profit

If you have any questions, do well to leave it in the comment box below and like always we will answer, please do well to share this article.


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